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Algemeen Ziekenhuis Klina

Augustijnslei 100
2930 Brasschaat


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About North Antwerp Clinics Klina

On 15 October 1987, a not-for-profit organisation was established under the name of North Antwerp Clinics (Klina). On 1 January 1988, the Klina assumed control over the management of three regional hospitals in the region of North Antwerp: St. Lucas hospital in Ekeren, St. Joseph Hospital in Kapellen and Vesalius Hospital in Brasschaat.


In the 1988-1989 period, the number of hospital beds was reduced by 147, partly by centralising maternal and childchare at a single location. Starting in 1990, a location was selected for a new ‘merger’ hospital that was to be built and the plans for that hospital were prepared.

Construction began in 1994 and in October 1999, the medical activities of the three ‘old’ locations were able to move and were centralised in the new hospital, the Klina University Hospital.


Leaving the old locations did not mean the complete end of health-care activities at those sites, however. Even today, new initiatives are still being considered and developed at those so-called antenna-sites to provide appropriate and high-quality health care in the region. Major steps have been taken in the area of palliative care and the Klina University Hospital now has a palliative care unit.


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